Testimonial Category: Scholarship-2022

Dahlha Gyatso Cheshatsang

“After a year of accruing experience providing out-of-hospital care as an EMT, I began working a second job as a medical assistant for an internal medicine practice at MGH. Currently, I am pursuing a Master of Science degree in… Read More

Tenzin Sangmo

“The self-evident learning gap fuels my desire to educate myself in this field and to build a career for myself as a leading woman in finance. I am extremely grateful to get this scholarship. As an awardee of the… Read More

Lobsang Tenzin

“The valuable experience that I’ve gained in the past five years working in Central Tibetan Administration makes me realize that I could serve my community so much better if I had better insights into the dynamics of different… Read More

Tenzin Chime

“Being a DLF scholarship recipient not only eases my financial burden, but I aspire to become someone who can represent my profession. In addition, I wish to utilize the knowledge and skills acquired during my academic years to contribute… Read More

Tenzin Nangkey Bhutia

“As I completed my master’s studies in International law, I envisioned myself pursuing further studies in the field of Public relations. It is a study of creating a recognition and learning a strategical way to propagate ones cause… Read More

Thupten Tsering

“As a PhD student, my research focuses on exosomes which are nano-particles (size 30-100nm) emitted by cancer cells. The interesting thing about these nano-particles are, they act as a cargo and carry DNA, oncogenes and proteins from host… Read More

Tenzin Tadin

“Currently I am pursuing MSc Aerospace Engineering at the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology (MIPT) majoring in Aerodynamics. My master thesis aims to work upon increasing an overall aerodynamic efficiency of wing and aircraft as a whole… Read More

Tenzin Khando

“Being bestowed with the scholarship in the name of His Holiness, I feel extremely grateful because none of the opportunities I have been privileged would have existed if not for the blessings of His Holiness. This scholarship undoubtedly… Read More

Tenzin Dholpo Choedon

“Through my educational journey, I discovered the importance of accessibility to professional mentorship, especially for careers in healthcare. Therefore, I intend to create resources to limit some of these hurdles. I also plan to practice in a community… Read More

Tenzin Rinchen

“I have always believed that self-reliance and innovation are the sounding board for Tibet as a nation and people. I have ambitions and diligent goals for making life better for the people of my community and bringing about tech-based… Read More