Scholarship Recipients 2022/23

What does this scholarship mean to you?

“As a PhD student, my research focuses on exosomes which are nano-particles (size 30-100nm) emitted by cancer cells. The interesting thing about these nano-particles are, they act as a cargo and carry DNA, oncogenes and proteins from host cancer cells and transfer it to recipient cells. Therefore, it can be used as biomarker and therapeutic tools in future. Biomarkers are used to detect cancer in human body fluids such as blood, urine, saliva and cerebral spinal fluids. My project is to understand how cancer cells emit exosomes carrying oncogenic DNA? My long-term goal is to establish my lab and continue working in a cancer research. I would like to express my sincere gratitude to The Dalai Lama scholarship, without which it would be impossible to pay my tuition fees on time.”

Thupten Tsering
PhD, Department of Pathology, McGill University
Scholarship recipient 2022-23

“As I completed my master’s studies in International law, I envisioned myself pursuing further studies in the field of Public relations. It is a study of creating a recognition and learning a strategical way to propagate ones cause and I firmly believe this subject would definitely help in resolving the current issues of Tibet. Having an interest is a thing but it’s different when you are able to study in that particular field of Interest. I shall owe it to The Dalai Lama Foundation for believing in my dream and giving me this award. I am humbled and honoured.”

Tenzin Nangkey Bhutia
MA, Public Relations, York University
Scholarship recipient 2022-23

“I am deeply humbled and beyond grateful to be a recipient this year, and for the opportunity it allows for me to explore the intersections of my identity and my academic pursuit of public policy. As a person of Tibetan heritage, and as a third-generation refugee, the experiences that have shaped and informed my worldview have generated a deep sense of concern for human rights, the role of politics, and development.”

Dechen Tenzin
MA, Public Policy, University of Toronto
Scholarship recipient 2022-23

“I feel beyond grateful to His Holiness the Dalai Lama and the Gaden Phodrang Foundation for being awarded this scholarship. I aspire to work in health systems as a leader and help influence policies that impact vulnerable populations. I hope that through my studies and contributions to the community, I will uphold the values instilled in me by His Holiness and my parents.”

Tenzin Jangchup
MA, Healthcare Admin, University of North Carolina
Scholarship recipient 2022-23

“This scholarship will enable me to focus on my goals of working with professors and students during my graduate program to translate academic and research ideas into health policy and practice, in efforts to promote a more equitable healthcare system. As a scholar recipient, I look forward to uplifting the stories of Tibetans in spaces that I find few Tibetans in, whether it be in the classroom, in industry or government.”

Dolma Tsering
MA, Health Policy, Yale University
Scholarship recipient 2022-23

“In future, I would like to start Tibetan Studies programs under the department of East Asian Studies in the Universities in Japan and South Korea. The most Tibetan studies programs are limited to the study of Tibetan Buddhism. My goal is to broaden the context of such a study by including Tibetan Literature, History and Civilization etc. This will contribute to the sustaining of the Tibetan cause at the international stage. It will also help preserve our Tibetan legacies. By using this scholarship, I will do my best to fulfill the goal.”

Shawo Choeten
MA, East Asian Studies, Sungkyunkwan University
Scholarship recipient 2022-23

“It’s a matter of great honor for me to be a Dalai Lama Graduate Scholar and I am very thankful to the committee for honoring me with this opportunity. The scholarship does not only aid me financially but also gives me sheer confidence in my selected path and the future that I aspire to achieve. Though the monetary support helps a lot in my pursuit of knowledge, for me it holds much deeper value and meaning. I am currently writing my thesis on ‘Democracy in Exile: A Historical and Comparative Analysis of the Central Tibetan Administration’.”

Ngawang Gamtso Hardy
MA, International corporation, Yonsei University
Scholarship recipient 2022-23

“I am extremely grateful and deeply honored to be a recipient of the Dalai Lama Graduate Scholarship. Through my eight years of working experience for non-profit organizations in the Tibetan community, I have constantly realized that my interest and concern about helping others is not enough to make as big an impact as I would like because I didn’t formally study social development. This opportunity will help me become more resourceful and competent as I continue my work in the Tibetan community after graduation.”

Dorji Kyi
MA, Sustainable International Development, Brandeis University
Scholarship recipient 2022-23

“The self-evident learning gap fuels my desire to educate myself in this field and to build a career for myself as a leading woman in finance. I am extremely grateful to get this scholarship. As an awardee of the DLG scholarship of 2022/23, I feel obligated to achieve my career successfully and be useful to our Tibetan community.”

Tenzin Sangmo
M.Sc Investment and Financial Risk Management, Kingston University
Scholarship recipient 2022-23

“I am extremely fortunate to have the opportunity to study here, dubbed the “Silicon Valley for Sound”. This would not have been possible without the support of my family and the scholarship from The Dalai Lama Foundation. I am grateful to both for helping me pursue my dream of conducting cutting edge hearing aid research and helping people hear. I plan on to further my education to the doctoral level with a goal of becoming either a professor at an academic institution or a researcher at a hearing aid company.”

Chemay Rigzin Shola
MA, Acoustic Engineering, Technical University of Denmark

“My educational trajectory has largely been based in the health sciences. Following my MPH program at Johns Hopkins, I hope to work towards improving health systems and program development in underserved communities. Receiving the Dalai Lama Graduate Scholarship is especially encouraging as I continue to strive to implement the values and secular ethics promoted by His Holiness in all I that I do.”

Kunchoe Sadutshang
MA, Public Health, Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health
Scholarship recipient 2022-23

“After a year of accruing experience providing out-of-hospital care as an EMT, I began working a second job as a medical assistant for an internal medicine practice at MGH. Currently, I am pursuing a Master of Science degree in Physician Assistant Studies at Northeastern University. I am incredibly grateful to receive the Dalai Lama Graduate Scholarship. The Gaden Phodrang Foundation of the Dalai Lama has had such a tremendous impact on so many Tibetan students pursuing a graduate level education and I am immensely proud to be a part of that group.”

Dahlha Gyatso Cheshatsang
MA, Physician Assistant Studies, Northeastern University
Scholarship recipient 2022-23

“Through my educational journey, I discovered the importance of accessibility to professional mentorship, especially for careers in healthcare. Therefore, I intend to create resources to limit some of these hurdles. I also plan to practice in a community where I can provide and promote eye care and bridge health disparities to help improve the quality of life and academic performance in children. I am so grateful for the Gaden Phodrang Foundation and all those who have contributed to supporting my academic journey.”

Tenzin Dholpo Choedon
Doctorate, Optometry, Western University of Health Sciences
Scholarship recipient 2022-23

“The valuable experience that I’ve gained in the past five years working in Central Tibetan Administration makes me realize that I could serve my community so much better if I had better insights into the dynamics of different aspects of business administration. I seriously want to pursue a master’s in business administration to develop myself professionally and work efficiently in any Tibetan community in future. I am profoundly grateful to Dalai Lama Graduate Scholarship to avail me opportunity to study in London Metropolitan University which will help me find methods and ways to implement my acquired skills in practically bringing change in the Tibetan community.”

Lobsang Tenzin
MA, Business Administration, London Metropolitan University
Scholarship recipient 2022-23

“I aspire to be a leading global epidemiologist and contribute to tackling barriers to health promotion and infectious disease prevention in our community and others facing similar struggles. I am blessed and honoured to receive the Dalai Lama Scholarship and will forever be grateful to be able to pursue my passion.”

Sangyal Dorjee
MA, Global Epidemiology, Johns Hopkins University
Scholarship recipient 2022-23

“Currently I am pursuing MSc Aerospace Engineering at the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology (MIPT) majoring in Aerodynamics. My master thesis aims to work upon increasing an overall aerodynamic efficiency of wing and aircraft as a whole by an active flow control method with the help of numerical simulations. I aspire to be a part of an innovative research organization in aviation field. I am sincerely honored to have been selected as one of the recipient of the Dalai Lama Graduate Scholarship. I would like to thank Gaden Phodrang Foundation for supporting Tibetan students to excel their choice of professions.”

Tenzin Tadin
MA, Aerospace Engineering, Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology
Scholarship recipient 2022-23

“I am beyond thrilled to have received the Dalai Lama Graduate Scholarship. This award will lessen my financial burden with pursuing the Physician Assistant(PA) profession. This scholarship also serves as a reminder of sacrifices that His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama has made for Tibetans. I hope to use my knowledge and skills as a PA to increase health awareness and self-efficacy in underserved populations including the Tibetan community.”

Tashi Lhamo
MA, Physician Assistant, Drexel University
Scholarship recipient 2022-23

“Being a DLF scholarship recipient not only eases my financial burden, but I aspire to become someone who can represent my profession. In addition, I wish to utilize the knowledge and skills acquired during my academic years to contribute to our community and inspire our younger generations to pursue Regulatory Affairs as a profession. Finally, I hope to spread awareness among the young generations that a pool of career options promotes public health.”

Tenzin Chime
MA, Regulatory Affairs, Northeastern University
Scholarship recipient 2022-23

“I am honored and humbled to be one of the fortunate recipients of the Dalai Lama Graduate Scholarship. The public service values I hope to learn from my Public Policy(MPP) education will be crucial in trying to tackle the issues of an evolving world. From the promotion of evidence based policy discussion to global awareness and intercultural competency, these are all concepts integral in combating the dilemmas of the 21st century. “

Tenzin Choesang
MA, Public Policy and International Affairs, University of Minnesota
Scholarship recipient 2022-23

“Being bestowed with the scholarship in the name of His Holiness, I feel extremely grateful because none of the opportunities I have been privileged would have existed if not for the blessings of His Holiness. This scholarship undoubtedly will motivate me to uphold the values of His Holiness and incorporate compassion as I strive towards building a healthier community. Through this doctoral journey, I hope to dive deeper into research that addresses health disparities among the marginalized and under-represented communities and inform policies to ensure health equity.”

Tenzin Khando
PhD, Community Health Sciences, University of California, Los Angeles
Scholarship 2022-23

“What inspired me towards this academic and professional journey in the fields of journalism, documentary filmmaking, and anthropology was the amazing power of storytelling and of visual representation of individuals and communities. Through the creative approach and critical studies within these interdisciplinary fields, I focus my works on identity, education, pastoralism, and nomadism. I thank the Gaden Phodrang Foundation for selecting me to receive the Dalai Lama Graduate Scholarship for 2022. I consider this support a blessing from His Holiness not only for my studies but also for my future aspiration and plans as a researcher and a filmmaker working within the Tibetan community and the world at large.”

Tsering Wangmo
PhD, Anthropology, Washington University in St. Louis
Scholarship recipient 2022-23

“I have always believed that self-reliance and innovation are the sounding board for Tibet as a nation and people. I have ambitions and diligent goals for making life better for the people of my community and bringing about tech-based advancements for Tibet itself. My experiences and work thus far and my vision for the future are firmly cemented in my desire for a brighter tomorrow for Tibet and its people. I am extremely honored and undeniably grateful to H. H. The Dalai Lama and The Dalai Lama Foundation for this opportunity.”

Tenzin Rinchen
MA, Engineering Science, University of Buffalo
Scholarship recipient 2022-23