Testimonial Category: Scholarship-2020

Tenzin Dickyi Khangkar

“As an experienced accountant in the financial services and the hospitality industry specializing in the restaurant industry, I have taken a step to join the MBA program at Baruch College to further my education. The MBA program provides… Read More

Tenzin Wangdak

“The focus of my research is the Tibetan diaspora and how ideas of memory, identity, nationalism and belongingness intersect with the use of digital media, technology and medicine. A large part of my research also dwells on communities… Read More

Yeshi Lhamu

“I am very grateful to be chosen as one of the Dalai Lama graduate scholars and I plan on using this opportunity well and represent the values that the a Dalai lama graduate scholar is expected to uphold…. Read More

Tenzin Jigme

“It is an honor to receive the Dalai Lama Graduate Scholarship. I feel blessed, and at the same time understand that there is a huge responsibility that comes along with this award. Due to the blessing and visions… Read More

Rinzin Tsomo

“The need to develop management skills and affect changes within public administration is of utmost importance in our society so I can efficiently serve the community. I believe that my contribution will bring about positive differences irrespective of… Read More

Tenzin Chemi

“One of my areas of interest is working in community mental health, through empowering and advocating for individuals that are often marginalized from society. My hope is to promote occupational engagement, enable independence, and improve the quality of… Read More

Tenzin Sengye

“I received my B.S in Biochemistry from Gonzaga University in 2019. While preparing my dental school application the following year, I worked in various jobs, including being a dental assistant in two different practices. Starting in August 2020,… Read More

Tenzin Choezin Nanglo

“I will be pursuing a masters in computer science with a concentration in artificial intelligence and machine learning. I aspire to work for a software company writing machine learning models and to help innovate state of the art… Read More

Tenzin Jigme

“I was born in Lhasa, Tibet and grew up in Tibetan refugee boarding schools in India (TCV). Afterwards, my involvement in international development programs for Tibetan communities in collaborating with the Central Tibetan Administration (CTA), Tibetan NGOs and… Read More

Tenzing Ravzam

“My passion has always been to find out what I am good at and to apply it to best meet the needs of the Tibetan community. I hope to work on health equity and health care delivery in… Read More